Friday, 10 November 2017

Evidence for Trees

What will we do for supper
when do I get time off
climbing trees
and not experiencing
the kind I need
which only you think you know how to give.

We’re coming to get you
is everything ok?
the truth is, you’re in danger
while snow falls
like leaves fall
A monk’s station
I never saw it.

I don’t feel discovered
I still have my mind
I understand a basic Truth
woods of words
our bodies don’t matter
you can build a world
(a forest)
but imagine if your
greatest regret could be wiped away -
do you know what it is?
Could you make a frottage?

What would it have been like,
if I had not signed up for loss?

Would it be a simple life?

The two knowing ones wheeled the trolley
realizing what was amiss - you cant just replace people
with perfect
physical geometry
and organized wild fig jungles.

figure this out
you don’t think I’m real?
Look! my knots
feel my branches -
this always happens
messing with our minds,
when will we trust
when will you KNOW me?
Its my fault I served a shadow
instead of you
don’t make it all about you.
let me see your wrist
is there a machine beneath?

suspension in tears
a lost grip on reality.
There is no time for objective experience
It’s more efficient than you think.

Have we been replaced
consciousness is separate from fear
we will never have to fear losing each other again
I’m securing our future in an arboreal world
when the mind left
the sparks flew
even though she was tied to a trunk.

please stop fighting I cant take the noise
here in my lonely words
which you make fly
all over unsung pages
recycled saplings
this is for your own good
we didn’t want to hurt you
don’t resist us
you will be fine
and when I heard that

I knew I was not.

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